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Kalona, Iowa

Since 1995, Bunting Construction has offered superior roofing services to residential and commercial customers in KALONA.

We are very focused in terms of our work and specialize in cedar shake roofs, architectural shingle roofs, flat roofs and rubber roofs for new roofs as well as roof repairs. We are known for our work’s Quality, in time delivery, use of updated technology and very well trained staff. Which makes us matchless in Kalona, Iowa.

Whether it is installation of new construction roofs, re-roofing an existing damaged structure or destroyed shingles, our craftsmen can handle any job amazingly and flawlessly. We are known for our flawless services of installing, maintaining or repairing Roofs, Sidings and Gutters. For our snow removing services we have adopted a technical and strategic approach enabling us to ensure your smooth operations regardless of the weather conditions. Our team comprises of certified snow professionals who actually understands the mechanics of snow behavior.

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fast services in KALONA, IOWA

Our team knows the art of handling projects systematically which includes planning, coordination and implementation of these systems i.e. Roof Repairing, Roof Instalment, Sidings Repairing, Siding Installment, Gutters and Snow removal. Our strategic approach enable us provide quality and flawless work meeting the deadlines. Fast delivery is achieved through our work strategy as well as latest and upgraded equipment, which gives us an extra edge over our competitors.

We are a construction consulting firm, working collaboratively with owners and clients in both primary and Sub consultant roles.

Such a wide range of quality services are at your disposal in Kalona, Iowa. And those quality services includes complete solution for Roofing, Gutters, Siding and Snow Removal.



Quality roofing can increase the life of your building. We assure you the well-functioning of your roof. Our services are at your disposal...
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Taking the right decision while choosing the gutter system for your home makes all the difference...
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We offer siding options to make the outside of your house look as beautiful as it is from the inside. We aim to suit the varying needs ...
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snow removal

We ensure your smooth operations regardless of the weather. Our staff understands the mechanics of snow behavior.
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